Have you ever wondered what your mixed breed dog's ancestry is?  Most of us that own mixes are quick to speculate as to our dog's heritage.

"Is he a Chow mix?  I think he's part German Shepherd.  She's got to have some Aussie in her!"

Sound familiar?  Well, now there's a scientific answer to those questions!  Mars Veterinary has designed the Wisdom Panel, a DNA test that can give you concrete answers about your dog's heritage.  Using the Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis test can identify over 2500 breeds; potentially explaining physical characteristics, breed-typical behaviors as well as signals to a possible predisposition towards certain health conditions.

Beaver Brook Pet Center works with Mars Veterinary and Royal Canin to provide this service to you.  All it takes is a quick blood draw.  Call us to set up an appointment - we'll have you and your dog in and out in just a few minutes and in 3 to 4 weeks you'll have answers!



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